This is my second visit to Cay Tre Hoxton branch, F and I was craving for some good old heart warming Pho. I dragged my friend here for lunch one day; we shared a wrap and roll platter between us.

photo 1

The platter came with a bight colourful salad carefully crafted together. Summer rolls with a savoury yellow bean dip; the prawns were soft and frim. The Vietnamese spring rolls crunched with every bite, perfectly fried all round. The starter with the wrapped leaf was something new I never seen, the meat inside was very tender, juicy full of flavour.

photo 2

The chicken pho was good and the broth was clear, but I prefer the beef both version to the chicken one.

photo 3

The favourite of the meal was the Tapioca durian cake & coconut ice cream, served piping hot; the soft chewy tapioca melted with the coconut ice cream was a dream. The green, gooey looking tapioca durian cake was stacked like pancakes. On it’s own there’s no flavour, combined with the rich sweet coconut ice cream it was luscious.

I’m so happy that cay tre has developed ice cream flavours from my favourite gelato place Gelupo. Another place I highly recommend, as usual cay tre hasn’t disappointed me. There are many things on the menu I need to try and will visit again.

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Square Meal

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