I’ve been to Yauatcha, on numerous occasions, to purchase cakes to takeaway.  However I never sat inside to dine, one cold dreary evening, I found comfort at Yauatcha and ogled over the cakes. Each item itself looked like it was spun into a masterpiece. I won’t lie it took me a good 10-15 mins to decide what I wanted, too many choices.

As we weren’t there for dining, my friend and I were placed at the bar, the chairs looked like olden day washing baths and the seating was towering over a petite person like me. Before seating I already knew what cake I wanted, Pumpkin gingerbread. As for drinks Kumquat and jasmine ice tea appealed to me the most.


It took 15-20 mins to prepare our desserts, drinks were sensational, the ice cold refreshing tea and punchy citrus flavours pleased my tongue. At the time I had a bad sore throat and was advised kumquat was good for my throat it soothed the pains away.


The pumpkin gingerbread finally came, the presentation was impeccable, and the attention to detail was A+. Pumpkin purée, fennel, apple, pain d’ épices made up the pumpkin gingerbread cake. Also included was a soft scoop of lemon sorbet. The sourness of the grainy, applesauce, the sweet mushy pumpkin puree, hit the spot. Hmmm it was heaven in my mouth!


My friend ordered Yuzu brûlée tart, made up of yuzu, lemon, lime, yoghurt milk jelly.


There was nothing to fault with Yuatcha, the place was very relaxing and the desserts and drinks was top notch. A little on the pricey side but you can’t comprehend that flawless food, I will defiantly go back here again for more.


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