It started out with my friend “K”, out of the blue she was curious of what corndogs tasted like. Somehow she seemed to have researched “Miskins”, a Jewish deli in Covent Garden.

I immediately pulled a face with the mention of corn dogs, I recalled my very first moment trying corn dogs on a trip in Hong Kong and I wasn’t particular fond of it. How can I explain it? I just thought the sweet corn batter was strange in comparison to the savoury sausage. Nevertheless I was willing to give the corndog another chance.

In the back of my mind “Miskin’s” was a name that seem to pop up before, after revisiting their website. It suddenly struck me, it’s the same group behind poplo, no wonders the website and menu design looked so similar.

Miskin’s from the exterior appearance wouldn’t really strike “WOW”, it’s more of a casual café spot and décor is bit of mismatched.

Apparently the cocktails are really good here, and the walls were filled with Gin.  My friend and I went for cream soda’s. When the cans arrived I realised it was the ones I can find in the corner shop for 50p.

After much deliberation, I decided to settle on the Meatloaf, soft egg & mash. My friend “K” had Reuben on rye with pastrami, sauerkraut, Russian dressing & Swiss cheese. We both shared a portion of all beef corn dogs, green tomato ketchup.

photo 3

The corndogs came out swiftly; it resembled a golden yellow baton on sticks.

The green ketchup looked like chip shop curry sauce, running with brownish yellow colour. My friend “K” took the first bite; she pulled a funny face and agreed to me, she didn’t like the sweet batter of corndogs.

Without dousing my corn dog in the green ketchup, I would have struggled to finish it. Compared to the one I had in HK this was a better version, the batter was crisper and not as sweet. The green ketchup was interesting a light sour, and acidic taste.

Our mains came out shortly after the starter; my meatloaf looked was presented in a tiny loaf tray, layered with greens and generous helping of Mash. I was wondering where my soft-boiled egg could have been, did they forget? Nope, the egg was well hidden inside the loaf. The meat was soft, but slightly under seasoned to describe the taste, the greens and mash had more flavour.

photo 4

“K” was lucky and got the best dish from the meal, the Ruben on rye. This is one of the biggest grilled sandwiches I have seen in my life. Over packed with stacks of layers of meat, and gooey cheese flowing between the sandwiches. It looked like a volcano waiting to be erupt and explode. The acidic gherkins and Russian dressing compiled well with the salty Ruben. My friend struggled to finish half of the sandwich, even with me picking at it. The second was left behind, order the full size if your in extreme hunger.

photo 2

I did enjoy my experience at Mishkan Ruben on Rye came out tops, and I would like to try the other offerings from the menu. I didn’t think the meatloaf was worth £11, I would make another visit again.

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