After the brilliant breakfast at Higher Ground it was time to head off to Melbourne Zoo for wildlife I don’t get to see in London due to the natural habitats the animals need to be in. Different shows happen during the day and I only managed to catch one as I took a break to eat. Giraffes bending their long necks eating leaves from tall trees, penguins swimming freely in tanks. The monkeys were my favourites looking at their cute small faces and watching their affections to one and another.

Next, I headed back into town to explore the shopping districts and Chinatown area. What I love about Melbourne is the Eastern Asian culture meets West vibes. You get the best of two worlds, Asian restaurants are seen every inch of town, and you get the hipster places.

I ended up in a side street of Bourke Street, in the Melbourne Business district going inside the arcade I stumbled across a shop selling tea infused eggs. A few doors away ShanDong Mama. ShanDong Mama was another to eat list since I had a dinner booked with the family I got some takeout. ShanDong Mama is known for the best dumplings in Melbourne.

Ordering my classic favourites of prawn, and pork and cabbage from the menu. The dumplings come boxed up in 10’s or 12’s per a portion. Each, individually wrapped in thick skin, one dumpling is huge. Doubling the size of the usual smaller than the palm ones you tend to see. Prawns are generous with chunks visible, loaded in with black fungus and a tidal of chives.


Pork and cabbage boiled dumplings were equally just as tasty, finely chopped Chinese cabbage, pork mince, spring onion, and a hint of ginger, enveloped in a medium thick skin. All best dunked into Chinese vinegar.

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