After my meal at Village people Hawker House, I headed back to my cousin’s house in Brighton. Staying overnight for an early start. We took a stroll along Brighton sandy beaches, my cousins and I admired the clear blue skies views, wind blowing into our hair. Plenty of dog walkers, people going on their runs. Such a carefree life people lead. We ended by the famous colourful beach hunt houses filled with people wanting to take photos with the huts. Back from the stroll, my cousin made pasta and salad for lunch. It was time to head back to Preston to get ready for a night out.  

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival delivered a powerful runway with beautiful flowy dresses, skimming the floor. Watching men with chiselled jaws walk. Having VIP bands, we hung out in the VIP lounge with moreish canapes served and ice-cold champagne. With front row seats, we got all the action and close up of all the gorgeous clothes. Spying on celebs and influencers.  


On the way, back there was a panic when I got an alert for my flight in 3 hours. Still trying to recover from jet lag at the beginning of the year I made the mistake of thinking I was flying the next day. I need to thank App in the air for saving me. I could have easily missed my flight and had to hurriedly pack my suitcase and said my goodbyes to my niece and husband. I defiantly go back to Australia to see Sydney and explore more of the food in Melbourne.   

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