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Hyper Japan Japanese Event

Hyper Japan is one of the largest festivals held in London, that is all things Japanese culture related. Running twice a year usually at Olympia, Kensington. You find mouth-watering food stands that send queues around the corner, areas set up for the perfect photo ops, cosplay dress-up areas, workshops running throughout the day.  

Hyper Japan Olympia

Hyper Japan press

Attending the Hyper Japan summer event back in July, the whole of Olympia is full of different zones to visit. Starting at the entrance, you are given a paper fan and a floor plan guide. Right by the entrance you can start sampling Mori Beers, and sparkling sake.  


Mori Beers

mori beers

Nintendo gaming

I thought the Nintendo gaming centre set up looked pretty cool. Little stations with different consoles like the Nintendo Switch for people to play.  

Nintendo Switch Stand

hyper japan gaming arcade

The Dragon Ball Z franchise was something I grew up watching, I had a crush on the future Trunks when I was a teen. There’s a display cabinet of the different figurines to buy. The guys at the stand made an interactive game where you can spin the wheel to win prizes by answering quizzes. I won some goodies of stickers and sweets.  

Dragon ball z stickers

Japanese food and drinks

My most favourite zone was, of course, the food and drinks. Sampling ramens and other bits and pieces. I made my way to wheelcake island queuing up for their light fluffy moist pancakes filled with Azuki beans.  

wheelcake island hyper japan wheelcake island hyper japan wheelcake island

Matcha is one of my most loved drinks and something I drink almost on the daily to wake me up instead of coffee. Matcha works had matcha green tea by the barrels delivering that refreshing ice-cold matcha lattes for the hot summer months.  

matcha works stand

WA cakes

It is always fun to see the many costumes and cosplay outfits people dress up in. There were many anime characters I can pin the point.  

sailor moon

The art zone has a great selection of posters, fan art, and kawaii merch to purchase. You can even get yourself drawn into an anime character. Japanese ceramics are beautifully crafted, and origami is an amusing way to fold paper into different shapes.  





Hyper Japan 2020 for 10-12 July tickets are now available to buy from this link here 

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