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A restaurant with no chef, the responsibility lies in your hands as you cook your own dinner from one of gousto recipe boxes. Held in open First Option Studio, leading upstairs to the loft to the whole experience is fully immersive with a create your own cocktail bar, kitchen and seating area to dine. A pop up by recipe food box subscription gousto invited me to their press night for their chef-less restaurant. Guests pay £2.98 the cost of a dish to cook their own meal in the kitchen. Step by step guide is on hand to cook delicious dishes. Nutrition info is at the bottom of the recipe card.


gousto chef less restaurant

The gousto team made sure I found a recipe that suited my dietary requirements nothing too spicy and no cold cheeses. The creamy haddock linguine spaghetti was perfect for me. In a gousto box, you receive a box that can make 2-4 portions. Everything is measured out, from garlic cloves, chopped tomatoes and haddock. To avoid food wastage and money going down the drain. I’ve become more experienced in the kitchen multi-tasking my way through the different process cooking.

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Frying the haddock bites first, then chopping up the cherry tomatoes. Waiting for water to boil for the linguine and making the creamy tomato sauce from scratch. The whole dish was cooked up within half an hour.

gousto pasta meal

Once I was done the cooking, I was taken to the photography studio and learnt some food styling tips, on how to add crops for the background, lighting and angles. Finally seated back in the loft to enjoy the dish that I made from scratch.

gousto pasta meal

gousto pasta meal

I was impressed with how little ingredients were needed to create such a tasty dish, Shaoxing wine an Asian ingredient and clotted cream was used in the sauce. There was hardly any prep work needed, and straightforward to follow.


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