Retro style ice cream sandwiches and experimental flavours. Happy Endings in Old Spitalfields market is the place to go for those dreamy sweet treats made by Terri Mercieca. The dessert bar is open 7 days a week in the Old Spitalfields market. It’s a great place to flock with the array of choices to tickle your fancy.


You find soft serves, pot de luxe and hot stuff on the menu. Price ranging from £3.50 to £6.


The artic puffin £6 hot pudding chocolate offering on the menu caught my eye. The February cold weather made me gravitate towards the warm pud.

Happy Endings Shoreditch

Artic Puffin is a self-centred chocolate tart served with smoked vanilla ice cream and PX sour cherries. Molten chocolate pudding with a gooey centre paired well amongst sour cherries and sauce.



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