Ah, since the beginning of the year with a temporary office move. We made it to Warren Street, and thankfully there’s a lot more is on offer in Fitzrovia.

I always crave a good warm bowl of Pho in the winter months. I stumbled on Bang Bang Canteen during one of my walks exploring the new area.


Bang Bang Canteen is inspired by film noir; if you go to their site they have a mini video playing. Think Kill Bill, Sin City comic style with a story to tell. The canteen was half full when I arrived. I managed to get some seats out the back, passing low-seated tables and the kitchen, washing area.

Seated on high stools, I was given a menu. I wasn’t too hungry so ordered some cha cio (spring rolls) £4.50 and pho bo tai £9.50.


Cha cio arrived in a falcon enamelware serving tray. Two pieces of springs cut into halves with a dipping sauce and some fermented vegetables. It’s enjoyed in two stages, first, the outer crunchy skin, second biting into a melody of minced pork, carrots, fungus mushrooms, and glass noodles.

Next up, my favourite pho! Can this firm staple be up to my standards? Unfortunately for me the soup that makes up a great pho, just seemed to be watered down. This is supposed to be cooked for 18 hours, it smelt fragrant but lacked depth. The rare beef made up for it, nice thick slices and chewy.

Service was decent enough, only long wait to track down someone so I go get the bill to pay. Bang Bang canteen is a nice atmosphere, I did really enjoy their spring rolls. I have been back for their take-out banh mi, and I give that high rating, the bread is light and crispy and the pork meat is so full of flavoured and well worth £5.

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