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I love Korean food, it’s a bit of everything and the common favourites can always be found on menus everywhere. The key classics are kimchi pancakes, spicy rice cakes, Japchae, bibimbap and many others.

On The Bap On The Bap menu On The Bap

I had an event to attend and dragged my friend to On The Bap for a quick meal, it’s a tiny place with a limited seating. As mentioned the food is simple and common, simple classics that satisfied your belly and taste bud. The location is easy to find next door to one of other favourites restaurants in London Cay Tre.

yangyum chicken

My weakness is the KFC; no not the Colonel type that’s found in the high streets, and this my friend is Korean Fried Chicken. Although the best tasting one had to be by John Quilter version. One must sink your teeth in the crispy thin batter coated chicken and rip the meat off the bone. Thoroughly licking your lips from the red-hot gochujang pepper sauce. The taste is unforgettable and is often found in many Korean dishes.

Kimchi Jeon

Kimchi Jeon, turned out well, flavoured well throughout and both sides were crispy pan-fried with a texture crunch, bite after bite. I love the garlic after taste and sweet dipping sauce.

on the bun On the bun

On the buns is On The Bap take on the popular hirata buns; the bun was overloaded with thin strip slices of sweet bulogogi beef. Packed a runny golden-yellow yolk looking sauce. Meat and sauces dripped out the bun landing on the parchment paper.

Japchae, Japchae,

Last dish is something I always order at restaurants, Japchae, potato starch glass noodles, soaked in a sweet soy sauce with crispy thin slices of carrots, onions and meat. Noodles were springy and soft; vegetables were cooked until it had a crunch. Simple comfort food dish that can be easily made at home, but I adore ordering at restaurants.

plum punch

Ever since I tried plum tea at Kimchee I’ve become obsessed with plum drinks, whenever I see it on the menu I would instantly order it. On The Bap does non-alcoholic cocktail that taste the bomb. Order it you won’t regret it!


I like On The Bap, casual informal dinning, good prices, great food what more can you ask for. Old Street is a wonderful place to go hunting for good food, and this place gets the thumbs up from me.


305 Old Street, London EC1V 9LA
020 7683 0361

{google_map}305 Old Street, London EC1V 9LA{/google_map}

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