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St Giles street has suddenly been swept with Asian restaurants on two popular ramen joints Kanada-Ya and Ippudo. Next door to Ippudo is new Korean BBQ SuperStar BBQ by the people who brought you Bibimbap. Korean BBQ is very popular in Seoul, I just came back from a trip in May, and the city is surrounded with 24 hour Korean BBQ places where you just turn up and grill your food.

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SuperStar BBQ offers lunch, dinner and set menus to grill your own food, and other traditional Korean classics like steaming ginseng chicken, galbi tang, crispy fried seafood pancakes etc.

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Arriving on a Saturday early afternoon, SuperStar BBQ only had a few diners we sat by the window admiring the modern edge interiors. The main focus is the inbuilt BBQ grill installed in every single table. The menu is presented on wooden blocks etched with the different options. The BBQ lunch menu is considered a good price for a choice of one grill your meats for £14.50, adding one more meat for an additional £5 charge is well worth considering.

superstar_menu jap_che

Starting off with one of my favourites the Jap Che, these glass noodles are fried with a mix of sweet and savory sauce with chopped vegetables. Wooden trays of meat came out at once, raw meat piled onto SuperStar BBQ printed grease paper. Silicone tongs are provided to grab meat and place onto the sizzling hot grill. You’re in control of how well you want your meat cooked. The meat we choose for our meal were a decent thickness to quickly cook on both sides. Short beef ribs marbled galbi, beef boolgogi, sesame and garlic sirloin and chicken boologi.

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The beef cuts were well marinated in either the boologi or garlickly flavours. Even when cooked on the BBQ the meat still tasted tender. The chicken however, didn’t soak up enough flavours, but the meat is high quality and bone sucking good. Watching the meat hissing over the plates with the red fire burning underneath it. Included in the lunch time set a bowl of steam rice, side salad and miso soup.

IMG_0301 IMG_0309 beef_boologi

Service at SuperStar BBQ is very good, the two-three hours I spent there, a different waiter or staff ask if things were ok and cleaned our grill once it got too dirty. A lot of the all you can eat Korean BBQ places only offer non-marinated meat and can get a bit boring.

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4 central Saint Giles Piazza, St Giles High Street, London WC2H 8AB

Monday – Friday

12:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 23:00


12:00 – 23:00

Sunday – Closed

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