It was a lovely evening in London, the weather was still very warm from a sudden mini heatwave. The polar opposite from crazy snowstorms of the Beast from the east. Walking from Soho Square into Soho along Greek Street I spotted Gaza Café looking inside there weren’t many people, but I knew instantly from the shop window that the bingsu dessert was Korean. You can read all about my trip to Korea over at the city guides section.

aza-Cafe-Soho-cakes-displayBesides cakes, bingsu, toasts there’s also Korean rice burgers on offer. Korean bingsu is perfect for hot days and Gaza Café portion is exactly like the ones in Korea. The interior feels industrial metal and grey décor. The café has two floors for seating. K-pop can be heard blasting through the speakers.

Gaza-cafe-matcha-red-bean-latteI had trouble with finding decent matcha lattes in London, it’s not the same in Asia. Overly bitter, watery and lack the sweetness. Gaza Café matcha red bean latte transported me back to my everyday mornings in different cafes sipping on those lattes. At the very bottom of the mug are the sweet red beans found in many Asian dessert houses. There are many different latte options on the menu and ades fizzy flavour soft drinks popular in Korea.

Gaza-Cafe-Soho-sesame-rice-cake-toastChoosing something that I never tried before the sesame rice cake appealed the most to me. Served up on a plate was a toasted sweet bread, crumbled up black sesame, walnuts and pistachio seeds. Inside reveals melted gooey rice cakes. Each bite has a satisfying chew, having rice cake getting stuck between the back of my mouth.

Prices for desserts is very reasonable and filling, definitely, check out the matcha latte and share a bingsu with someone. Take advantage of the late opening hours of 12pm – 11pm Monday to Friday.


47 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4EE


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