Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak
Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak
Women Divers show
Women Divers show

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After seeing the Women Divers, it was time to do a hiking trek of one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. Huffing and puffing getting out of breath throughout my trek. There was no point of return, looking back and down made me tremble, as I fear heights. It was all worth it, admiring the crater and island from afar. I took many breaks, what seemed like hours, we finally made it to the top of the peak.

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Going down was an ease running back down and taking a rest in the sun waiting for our next trek.


The last destination for the day was another UNESCO World Heritage Manjang Cave. As the coach drove us to the next destination we along Jondairi shore, admiring the emerald colour ocean and beaches.

As we arrived at the entrance of the tunnel, we had to begin the trek going underground. Only 1km is opened to tourist and dark Manjang caves is one of the finest caves in the world. There are artificial lighting and rocks in places but the shapes changes as you go further and deeper into the heart. Jumping from puddles and rocks sensible shoes is needed. Be prepared to get drips of water dropping onto your shoulders.

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My friend and I didn’t go all the way in the tunnel, fearing we see bats. Rising back to light we waited for everyone else to finish it was time to head back to our hotel.

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Checking into Oceana Suite Hotel, I specifically asked for a room with the Ocean view. Sitting by the lounge, with my new fond love of Omija tea admiring the waves gives a sense of calm to myself. Maybe it’s my nature of being born with an earth sign. Once we freshened up we headed out looking for a restaurant.


Somehow we ended up at an HOF beer garden called 칠성통 남양통닭, remember if you see HOF on the sign it means there’s beers on the taps available. It was here that I tried out something crazy but normal to have in Korea. Live baby squid octopus, I remember the dish alone costing 40,000 KW.

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Even when cut up, the tentacles still wiggle and clung to dear life on the plate. We told the waiter it was our first time eating live squid sashimi, he got a few pieces, dipped it in the hot sauce and plunge it into my mouth without warning. Seafood doesn’t get fresher than this. The trick here is to chew thoroughly otherwise you choke and die.

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Here we also tuck into grilled abalones, had spicy rice cakes cooked with cheese and wings. Rice served were a purple pink in colour with beans.

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