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Day 3 of my travels in Korea, I pre-booked flights to be whisk off in the early morning to fly to Jeju Island. Flying with Eastar flights costs only £45 return, and I highly recommend visiting the island to get away from the city of Seoul. The emerald colour sea and natural beauty attracted me to the island.

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The night before we pigged out at one of the local 24-hour eateries in the area. Devouring hot steamy dumplings, fried rice, and gimbap.

For breakfast we discovered Paris Baguette the night before and stocked up on breakfast. We live for Paris Baguette, delicious French bakery goods enough to make you salivate.

IMG_8113 Paris Baguette

Flying at 6am in the morning, the domestic flight only took 1 hour to go to Jeju. As we were in hurry for our 9am tour, it was difficult to flag down a taxi as not much people speak English. Eventually we got one, and it took a 10-15-taxi ride to the hotel. We waited at Oceana suite hotel for Yeha Tours to pick us up.


The best thing about Yeha tours is your allocated a time slot for each place your visit, you get to roam around by yourself without being stuck together in a tour group then you head back to bus and the driver drops you off at the next stop. I love the free pick up, drop up service, and think 79,000 KW plus lunch is a bargain. My only regret is not staying in Jeju for longer.

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The first place we visited is the 3D optical illusion Trick Art Museum; here we had fun posing with the art taking silly photos. There are seven themed zones, from magic, animal, Aquarium etc.

Seongeup Folk Village IMG_8137 IMG_8143 IMG_8151 Seongeup Folk Village Hurubang


Seongeup Folk Village

Next we hit up the old town of Seongeup Folk Village, yes even in this day and age people are still living in those cute old straw rooftop houses and sliding doors. We had an entertaining man telling us stories and showed us Jeju black pigs, known to be nutritious.

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If you don’t know scattered all over the island is Hurubang statue (godfather) the story goes, if you rub certain areas of the statue you can get pregnant with a girl if you touch the head or nose for a boy. If you wish to become richer touch the belly. It was this place that I was introduced to Omija tea, this special tea hits all five taste buds so refreshing after a warm day.

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For lunch we enjoyed Jeju black pork Korean BBQ style, at the table we got into conversations with other people taking the tour. Sharing stories of our travels and our home country. The portions are very decent very thick slices, marinated in a special sauce on a grill with plenty of fresh vegetables.

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watch my video for my adventures in Jeju island.

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