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When Kimchee opened its doors it quickly became popular and word of mouth spread rapidly.  When my friend and I finally stepped into its doors. There was a long queue forming inside, the Holborn branch. There was a 50% off promotion going on and we waited half an hour.

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Kimchee interior
Kimchee interior

Whilst we waited I took the time to admire the stunning décor and interior. The open kitchen is very large and sharing table reminded of Busaba eathai dining space.


Once we finally seated we glanced over the menu. There are the usual classics of bibimbap, kimchi pancakes. My friend ordered both of the dishes. She said the bibimbap tasted quite standard.

kimchee kimchi pancake
kimchee kimchi pancake

photo 4 photo 3

kimchee bibimbap
kimchee bibimbap

The kimchi pancake didn’t seem crispy enough, and quickly crumbled to pieces in my bowl.

hot pot bulgogi photo 4

I ordered a hot pot bulgogi, thin marinated beef slices marinated in a pear sauce, with green vegetables, bean spouts, rice cakes, with glass noddle’s in a garlic clear broth. Something completely different to the usual way I have my beef bulgogi, it was complementing.

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Chap Ssal Ddeok
Chap Ssal Ddeok

To finish off we had a dessert Chap Ssal Ddeok, a rice cake in a ruby ball shaped dusted with coco powder. It tasted very similar to the Japanese mochi’s.


Overall I think the food tasted only slightly above average, and wasn’t very memorable for me. What Kimchee excels at is creating the relaxing, stunning dinning experience.

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