The Korean wave has swept the UK, with help of PSY and kpop music the Korean culture is increasingly popular. Bibigo offers contemporary Hansik style food, backed by Kim Young Hwan previously working in Zuma and Roka and founder Hee Young Noh from Masterchef Korea.

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Located behind Oxford Street along Great Marylebone Street, Bibigo gives a casual dining vibe, with a view of the open kitchen. There was a special offer when I went to dine at Bibigo a 3-course meal for under £15.

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To start I had salad, generous in size, filled with crunchy leafy lettuce, tomatoes, and seeds drizzled with a light vinegar style dressing.

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Also ordering one of my favourites jap che, soft tender slices of marinated beef, marrying alongside the crisp fried vegetables and springy glass looking potato noodles.

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My bibimbap came with unusual vegetables, broccoli and green beans in a big clay bowl. This was the least favourite as always I find bibimbap fails to satisfy my taste buds.

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I like the kimchi, chopped with several layers of cabbage leaves, pickled with a kick of spice.

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My friend ordered the winning food, sizzling short beef ribs, bursting with flavour and juicy beef sliders. My mouth was watering from the strong ginger soy sauce and garlic.


We had one of the most moody waiters serving us, he couldn’t answer our questions about the drinks and complained on how he couldn’t wait to finish his shift. As my friends were late he seem impatient to take orders and the manager had to come out. He soon disappeared running home without saying goodbye and missed out an order, which the manager kindly gave a free pancake dessert for us.

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The Bibigo goldfish is a cute looking Korean goldfish waffle filled with red bean served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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The sweet Korean pancake came in a thick sticky piece, drizzled with sweet maple syrup and topped with a scoop of ice cream. The ice-cream melted as soon as it touched the hot pancake.

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Overall I’m impressed with Bibigo Bar & Dining, tasty great food, one of my favourites in London.

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