“Where are you?” I exclaimed on the phone, “I can’t find door 28”, “I can see you” she replied. Realising that B.Y.O.C bar was tucked hidden underneath the basement of a juice bar.

the juice people IMG_2208

Just to let you know, this bar does not serve alcohol, you bring your own bottle(s). The entrance is £20 per person and you can have as many cocktails from the bottle you bring. Inspired by the hidden underground bars in New York, BYOC came up with the unique concept.

IMG_2090 BYOC IMG_2040 IMG_2038 IMG_2045

A short brief of having two hours for our session, we made our way down the narrow spiral stairs clinging on to the rail.

IMG_2056 IMG_2044 IMG_2051 IMG_2054 clover club

What awaits us was a mixologist with a cart of botanicals, herbs, juice and bottles, in a cosy cellar. Making it the perfect surroundings for intimate night out. We were the first people there and had his full attention. He starts asking questions about flavours we liked then conjure some magic and made the first ones. The cup was a beautiful coaction of punchy lime, cool cucumbers, grapefruit, sweet passion fruit, and carrots. Wow, it impressed us.

mixologist IMG_2145 IMG_2148 IMG_2149 IMG_2153 BYOC IMG_2182

Soon another group arrived and we watched the mixologist create a bowl of punch for them. Our next drink was a classic clover club, a refreshing raspberry packed drink.

clover club

Next a cocktail was made from yellow pepper. YUP you heard me a drink made of pepper! Burning some rosemary on top enlightened our smell.

IMG_2122 IMG_2124

The martini, we weren’t too fond of and found we left it sitting to be taken away. A little too strong, and bitter for our liking.


The next drink the barman totally made up on the spot, mixing apples, blueberries we were impressed with his skills.

IMG_2204 IMG_2183

BYOC is a wonderful intimate experience; it’s like having your own private bar in the living room. The mixologist is very talented and you safe in their hands. Drink as much as you can for £20 and alcohol you like. What happens at BYOC, stays in BYOC.


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