It’s been a while, and the occasion this time round was to pop my friend’s first Burger and Lobster experience. We turned up at the Soho branch on a Saturday and were told it was a 2-hour wait. We braved it and said yes yes yes.

IMG_0951 burger and lobster apron

You can read my first experience over here; an extremely handsome hunky waiter served us all night and flirted with my French chicka. She had eyes on the whole lobster and I had mine on the lobster rolls once again. I’ve seen photos of people have half a lobster and burger, which is not on the menu, but if you ask them nicely you can get it for £35 including a dessert.

my friend and hunky waiter

The lobster rolls this time round, delivered superbly, waiting to escape its glisten golden brown sack, my mouth couldn’t wait to touch the chunky pieces of flesh. The side salad was also a winner without overloaded with salt, and the neatly cut chips were perfectly seasoned.

side salad lobster roll burger and lobster, lobster roll burger and lobster chips

My friend’s grilled lobster satisfied her usual pigeon size stomach and she devoured the whole lot with no problem. The garlic butter just oozed creaminess and had enough to enhance the natural flavour of the fresh out of seawater lobster.

burger and lobster, lobster IMG_0964 IMG_0953champagne

We had no room for desserts and happily come back for the hunky waiter and food.


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