After seeing Catty talk about Goat mooli’s on her blog I knew I had to go try one. Mooli’s is a few doors away from the delicious Koya on Firth Street. To be honest I have walked past this street many times and never noticed the place.

Reading the website I knew I will be expecting something quite spicy since its Indian flavoured. When I arrived I was greeted by two lovely people, it was empty when I was there the place is very spacious and open planned. I knew I wanted a goat mooli straight away there’s two screens by the count the menu for the 6 Moolis on offer and the other screen for sides which transition to other things. I wished I saw the price points for the lassi and drinks on offer, but it was nowhere to be seen.

My mini goat mooli came to me in 5 mins, as I un-wrapped the mooli I was delighted to see roti. The Roti was similar delicious piece of bread I had at RaRa Sayang that goes down well with curries. O happy days as I took one bite the flavours was explosive, all the ingredients used was so fresh, I never tried goat meat before it was very lean, in between the texture of pork and beef. I tasted the corianders, red onions and other spices. The portion of the mini mooli was very generous, although I only had one bit of potato in my wrap. There were loads of chunks of goat meat, 1 piece of potato, salad. I also ordered poppadom bites, the poppadom itself was quite burnt tasting but the chutney dipped made up for it, again the chutney dipped was so fresh in ingredients.  The spice level was perfect although I had to run down to gelupo for some ice-cream after.

A mini mooli cost £3.50 and a large one is £5.50 I can’t wait to go back to try the other flavours.

50 Frith Street
Soho, W1D 4SQ
0207 494 9075



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My second trip to gelupo now I remembered why I think it’s the best ice-cream out there in London, this time round I went for apricot sobert and summer pudding. The ice-cream itself does not feel as heavy as traditional ice-creams, in fact I hardly tasted anything creamy. The soft scoop, melts in the mouth easily and the taste blows you away, nothing artificial but real flavouring.

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