Last night I attended my friends hen dinner, the chosen location was Hi!sushi salsa in Camden lock. I’ve been to the Hi!sushi branch in soho many times before, the best thing is the unlimited all you can eat buffet at Hi!sushi for £16.80 you get unlimited salmon sashimi, California rolls, salmon avocado rolls. The tuna sashimi, prawn tempera and hot food you could only the once. The grade of the sashimi was ok, fresher than the ones used at the soho branch, just average to satisfy the tongue taste buds. The tuna sashimi was rough and tasted slightly off. The hot food choices were limited, but I did enjoy the shitake mushroom tempura and tempura prawns. The curry that came with the katsu was runny and tasteless. We was in a party of 20 people so the portions that arrived were HUGE, we only managed one second round of salmon sashimi.

Overall Hi!sushi is good to go once in a blue moon for the salmon sashimi but if you’re looking for quality this isn’t the place for you. The service was great and efficient and the interior and ambience is a lot nicer than the one in soho.

3 Camden Wharf, 28 Jamestown Road, Camden Lock, Camden, NW1
Tel: 020 7482 7088

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