After a epic fail for arriving too late at the Turkish festival, watching the stands pack up. My friend Gemma wanted food badly, as indecisive as she is. I suggested caphe house along bermondsey St, it was such a shame when we got there the place was closed on a Sunday. I really wanted to try the banh mi there. We was close by to Surrey quays for cafe east but we wanted an adventure so off to hackney mare street it was.

After getting lost coming out of london fields we managed to find mare street. I knew tre Viet was a safe bet as I eaten there previously loving the food. The smaller branch is now closed down. Upon arrival the room was filled with smoke coming out of the kitchen, my friend knew what she was getting and I wanted the ban cuon but it was sold out. So I went for pho ga, the dish came to me pipping hot, with steam coming from the bowl. I took a slip of the soup, it was tasty and healthy I can tell there was a lot of coriander seeds in the broth. The chicken meat used was corn feed and cooked perfectly without it being too stiff. I dare say this pho ga is better then cafe east in broth and quality of meat used. Overall really happy my pho ga was £7 but a extra service charge cost around £8

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