Havelock Tavern lamb steak

It was a colleagues leaving lunch last week. Hidden in between the residential streets and shops of Brook Green, Hammersmith and Shepards Bush Road is an unsuspecting gastro pub. We headed there for a spot of lunch.


We stepped inside the modern looking pub, greeted with large wooden tables, freshly baked bread on their counter top. The cucumber water tank is free for all the customers to drink up. Taking over the corner of the pub we eagerly looked at the menu. My colleague boasts how the menu changes twice-daily using local sourced fresh ingredients. The lunch menu was impressive, simple dishes yet imaginative flavour combination. Having a great selection for fussy eaters ranging from seafood to meaty meals.

Havelock Tavern menu

My mouth watered as soon as I saw the lamb steak on the menu, I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. Most of the mains are reasonably priced from £12 onwards. The food did take a while to come as everything is cooked to order.

Havelock Tavern bread

As soon as my main arrived my eye widen and fixated to the mammoth piece of leg lamb beneath my eyes. Stamped with chargrilled marks, and small rocks of ground pepper the juices still bubbling away. The juices burst like a pipe as you cut into the meat; the dollop of mint yoghurt was the perfect dip from chewing through the perfectly flavoursome tender leg of lamb.

Havelock Tavern lamb steak

Underneath awaits a bed of super tangy tomato sauce, aubergines and fluffy cous cous. The sauce itself was a lovely rich flavour and the cous cous soaked it well.


There was a lot of ooh and aah, yummy echoing in the room. A brilliant meal and I would hesitate to go back again. For a fantastic meal for under £20 you can’t go wrong.

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