The Wild Geese Collection

Located in the basement of Paesan, Exmouth Market I was led to Bitters & Rye cocktail club for night of a Wild Geese Chase. The Wild Geese of course is an Irish whiskey. The history goes that Patrick Sarsfield’s army is defeated at the Battle of The Boyne. The solder’s adopted the name “Wild Geese” in hope to one-day return home to Ireland.

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The Wild Geese Collection

The collection comes with three variations, classic, single and rare. Drinking the spirits on it’s own has it’s special characteristics. The classic has citrus notes, a little bit of honey, pale in colour. The rare has citrus fruits, gooseberry with floral notes, and a rich malt taste. The single malt is clean on the nose, has layers of oak notes is clean and smooth.

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We had a fun evening drinking cocktails with whiskey, Bitters & Rye looked after us well. The Wild Geese has won numerous awards and can be found online.

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