Chill'ys Water Bottle

UPDATED: 1/5/17 please check out my Hydroflask review which I found is much better with keeping my water icy cold even after 24 hours than the Chilly’s water bottle

I’m a fusspot, I love my water ice-cold, and room temperature water just doesn’t cut it for me. Ever since I watched a few videos on youtube about the s’well bottle the search was on. As I researched, yes I really did! The best materials for plain water are either stainless steel or glass. As a plastic is just bad for you, plus the water will start to taste funky if you left it for days.

Chill'ys Water Bottle

Most of the top water bottle brands were from the USA and didn’t ship to the UK. O hello Hydroflask, and the bottles cost £30+ not including shipping. I did venture out to glass water bottles, but it defeated the purpose of looking for something to keep my drinks ice-cold.

Chill'ys Water Bottle Chill'ys Water Bottle

On a recent trip to Whole Foods, gifted a £50 voucher to spend on anything. Chilly’s bottles made it to my basket, costing only £15.99, the answer to my prayers. A Chilly’s Water bottle claims to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours, and drinks hot for 18 hours.

Chill'ys Water Bottle

I recently took my Chilly’s bottle with me for my Paris trip, and have no regrets. The bottle holds 500ml of liquids, made of stainless steel, has a double wall vacuum, meaning drinks stay at the temperature you want without the outside having condensation, or heat from hot drinks.


I pour my ice-cold water from the fridge and taken it out with me, and fast forward 5-6 hours later the water stayed icy cold. I left the water alone after a night’s sleep and found the water still chilled. It really does keep it cold for 24 hours. I love how this bottle is leak proof, as I’m someone who is always on the move and goes through my bag constantly.


I love it so much, that I’ve ordered more from the Internet to leave at work and as a spare. It saved me from almost spending £40-50 ordering one from the USA.



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