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It’s all rainbows and sprinkles with the newly launch 2 in 1 product by Betty Crocker. I’ve been using the products for my baking shortcuts, the box has everything you need all you have to do is add the measured out ingredients as directed on the box. Usually just adding, water, eggs and oil, products that can be found in your cupboards. I was excited when Betty Crocker invited me down for a cake decorating class.

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Betty Crocker started in the 1920’s with the first product launching in 1930, the brand champion’s women, roots for authentic recipes and promises successful turnouts every time you bake.


The brand and packaging are very retro, and playful, with a light-hearted the tongue in cheek humour. Product ranges from cakes, cookies, pancakes, and brownies mix, flavoured icing and icing with decorations.

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Vanilla icing with rainbows and sprinkles is the latest product by Betty Crocker, priced at £2.85. All you have to do is spread and sprinkle, making it less hassle, giving your cakes the glamorous final touches.

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I had so much fun baking for 6 hours with my team. Getting my apron on, I mixed bowls and of course took photos of the action in the room. We baked marble cakes, cookies and put them inside chocolate brownies. We did have almost disasters in the kitchen like our cake not cooking, but we managed to save it.

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Once everything was cooled down, the fun started with cake decorating. Going with the festive Christmas theme we made snowflakes, snowman, ivies to go on our finished baked goods. Cakes and cupcakes was super moist in the middle and the marbling of red velvet and vanilla looked incredible. With a special piping technique I made Christmas trees using vanilla icing mixed with food colouring.


I like to thank Betty Crocker team for the fun event, you can find the products in supermarkets near you.

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