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London Cookery School

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One of my favourite things in the world is eating Dim Sum. I can eat Dim Sum all day long and never get bored. Morsels of piping hot mini parcels of delicate goodies are so addictive. Then it occurred in me, I should really try and learn how to make the stuff. The London Cookery School at Holloway road appeared in the google results. Booking directly for the class from their website was an ease, London Cookery School dim sum making class is only £35. Heading to Holloway Road on weekend there was an Arsenal football game going on, the venue was easy to find on the main road and William Wong the founder and instructor his assistant welcomed us into the classroom. 

London Cookery School Holloway
Ha Gar skins
Siu mai mix Dim sum

Dim sum making

Given some Chinese tea for refreshment, we were all geared up to make our first dim sum of the day. Tasked to make har gao, I always thought making the translucent skin will be hard work. The recipe calls for simple ingredients measured out by the assistant. The filling was also very easy to follow, salt & pepper, baking soda, sesame oil. The rolling out the skin and filling them to a decent ratio was the difficult part. We were taught a few different folding techniques all seen at dim sum parlours.  

dumpling mix

Next up are the siu mai, skin used were premade. It was fun to mix up the ingredients all in a bowl. Our last dish was chiu chow fun gwor, another popular dish in Chinese restaurants. Once we finished wrapping our dim sum it was time to have them steamed ready to eat. We all ate all of the fruits of our labour. Some of mine were not mixed properly and I could taste a lot of baking soda, something to take note of for next time. However, I was pretty ecstatic with the results, and cannot wait to make them again at home.

London Cookery School Dim Sum

I highly recommend the London Cookery School, William was an excellent instructor and the class was easy to follow. The price was excellent value for money and you can easily find the same ingredients to recreate dim sum at home.  

raw dim sum
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