Matcha the superfood

Last month, teapigs went to Shoreditch and took over a spot in Boxpark. The matchapop was around for a week selling all things matcha. I met the founder’s tea taster Louise and Nick at the pop up and ecstatically spoke about my love for matcha and the green tea kit kats. The leaves teapig uses are a premium grade from Japan. Packed with super concentrated green tea powder, a reason why it’s considered a superfood is because of the high in antioxidants. I like making matcha lattes or mixing it with fruit juices.

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Matcha helps keep your energy level high and stable, unlike coffee, which gives you the high peak but falls back down again.

high in antioxidants

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Natasha Corrett from Honestly Healthy gave us two-smoothie recipes demonstration using matcha. She also made this incredible hot chocolate made with the machine she took for the demo. She did a great job making us drinks made with healthy ingredients that actually taste good.


Matcha green tea is available online at teapigs and stores like wholefoods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

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