How do you murder a Bunnychow? You can eat it with fingers or knife and forks, but it’s how you tackle the bunny is the hardest part.


What’s a Bunnychow? It’s a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with curry, originating from Durban South Africa. Bunnychow started off as a food truck that can still be found dotted around London, but recently made home to a permanent spot in Soho. Bunnychow is no-frills casual counter café and have recently won an award for one of the best breakfast in London.


For under a tenner, you can get yourself a Bunnychow and some booze, i.e. cocktails. Green Mamba was fantastic cocktail, made of peppermint and earl grey tea, lemon juice and a shot of alcohol. You don’t even notice the alcohol in it.


I highly recommend picking up some snacks from the till for £1-2 the biltong is super addictive and pork scratching’s on par.


I had trouble picking a bunny to eat; tasting a sample of Durban bunny I thought I try the most popular one. On it’s own, it didn’t seem much was going on with flavours, but as soon as it arrived mixed with mango chutney and raita It packed a serious punch from something that tasted average to amazing. It came in a metal camping tin, grease paper, top of the bunny cut off, also added some piri piri lamb ribs.

bunnychow IMG_6574

The bunny loafs is produced by The London Bakery Co. supplying wholemeal, white and brioche. Vegan versions are made by WAG, although it looks like it’s made of the super hard crust, the bread was a cross between hard and soft crust.

IMG_6567 IMG_6566

Halfway through the Durban bunny the curry flavour started to get to me and got spicier and spicier. Piripiri lamb ribs are to die for, coated with thick sauces succulent meat falls off the bone.


Bunnychow is one of those top destinations for a meal for under £10 that includes alcohol, it’s added to my cheap eats guide.


{google_map}74 WARDOUR STREET, SOHO{/google_map}

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