Classic Ahi

island-pokeAlthough I love my sushi, eating just raw fish dipped in soy sauce can be limited. Roll in the huge trend of poke bowls crept into London. Poké is Hawaiian for the section or to slice or cut. The fisherman would season the cut off fish straight away. Adding in exotic fruits and seasoning heavily influenced by the Asian and Japanese.

Island Poké has opened up a new branch in Canary Wharf replacing Poncho 8 site. Island Poké is a breath of fresh air with the décor to match. The surfers and waves wallpaper and swinging chairs immediately let off a calming effect like you’re by the ocean.


The menu consists of house bowls or build your own. I opted for the house classic ahi bowl. The station with all the food is similar to those frozen yoghurts or Mexican burrito places. Bowls filled with ingredients ready for the staff to scoop. The staff will ask what base you want. I got the sushi rice, and yes it’s the real deal, unlike some other places that give you long grain rice. My poké bowl was filled with all the stuff and I was handed it back. Near the cutlery, there are bottles of different sauces if you need anything extra.

Island Poke Canary WharfMy classic ahi bowl was filled with ahi tuna, pineapple chilli salsa, wakame seaweed, crispy shallots, spring onions and sesame seeds on a bed of sushi rice. This bowl is so much tastier than the one I had in Tombo. Not only is the tuna marinated so are the other ingredients and you get more for your money. I like layering the wasabi and sriracha mayo onto the bowl and eating around the different texture and flavours.

Island Poke Canary WharfThe staff at Island Poké were friendly and explained everything well. It has to be one of my favourite poké I have tried in London so far.


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