Burgersmith-Twickenham-ronin-burgerBy day this place is The Canteen but once it hits 6 pm the signage on 10 London Road flips to the Burgersmith white cube sign. Burgersmith has been around for over a year and people sought out Twickenham for their burgers. 

Burgersmith-TwickenhamTheir mission is to bring back true burgers that are meaty, juicy and just straight up tasty. Burgersmith is around a 5-minute walk from Twickenham rail station. Nearby are Twickenham stadium and a few eateries with late night openings. 

Burgersmith-Twickenham-menuBurgersmith-Twickenham-menu-2Run by two brothers, they take over The Canteen space in the evenings and serve up classic and exotic meats like kangaroo, and ostrich. Their beef is sourced from an award-winning butcher in Surrey. The kangaroo from Australia, and ostrich from South Africa. Not only that, there’s also vegetarian options of Mexican bean and halloumi and Alaska salmon on the menu. 


Burgersmith-Twickenham-burgersAnother interesting item on the menu is the potato buns, a denser alternative to brioche ones. There are plenty of toppings ever imagine that elevate you’re made to order the burger. 

If you visit I highly recommend going for the burger meal deal which works out very incredible value for £11.95. The choice of creating your own or crafted burgers plus a choice of chips and a drink. 

Burgersmith-Twickenham-Blue-and-Red-burgerBurgersmith-Twickenham-Blue-and-Red-burgerI was recommended the Blue & Red crafted burger, 21-day aged beef cooked medium rare, topped with lettuce, caramelised red onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and soft lumps of blue cheese, squished into a brioche bun. 

Burgersmith-Twickenham-hand-cut-chips.The first bite was flavourful, meat juices running down my mouth and fingers. Seasoned well but not evenly. Beef is very meaty and left a nice aftertaste that lingered in the mouth for hours. There wasn’t much that went on with the caramelised onions, the flavour seemed to have disappeared. What I love about the combination of the Blue & Red burger is that usually, blue cheese is quite prudent and overpowering. Other places I’ve tried the cheese didn’t melt well and was cold. Burgersmith manages to not overkill the blue cheese resulting in a lovely and soft warm cheese without ruining the burger. 

Hand cut chips still had the skin on and I loved how crispy they were and was given plenty of the crispy scraps. The only negative about the experience is that I wished my brioche bun was toasted or heated up and the chips were piping hot.  

You can’t go wrong with £11.95 for a meal and to make it even sweeter. My readers get a discount when visiting Burgersmith. Just quote “tfcburger20” when you order from their website or walk in. 




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