Dirty Burger - Cheeseburger and crinkle cut chips
Dirty Burger - Cheeseburger and crinkle cut chips
Dirty Burger – Cheeseburger and crinkle cut chips

I’ve been good for this beginning of the year, cooking more of meals at home. Yet, one week of eating salads and vegetables I was craving a darn dirty burger. After my haircut at Jones and Paynes I headed up to Bethnal Green road. Dirty Burger is part of the major league Soho House Group. With hotels and Houses all over the world with membership only to enter, cinemas, beauty and grooming, an empire with restaurants.

I always wanted to party it up Shoreditch House outdoor rooftop pool. Dirty Burger Shoreditch is near Pizza East also owned by Shoreditch House, Lyles and Boxpark.


It may look like some scruffy old hole in the wall, but that’s the concept. Specialising in burgers three are available, a Cheese Burger, Dirty Bacon and dirty Cop-out. In the mornings you be happy to know you can get bacon & egg, and sausage & egg rolls with bottomless tea or coffee before 11am.


Opting for the Cheese Burger and crinkle cut fries, and a can of soft drink, I waited for my order. There’s limited seating and most people just pop in and out of the place. My order came in a plastic tray, a big bag of crinkle cut chips overflowing out to the tray. My burger wrapped in Dirty Burger branded greaseproof paper.


dirty burger cheeseburger
dirty burger cheeseburger

Unwrapping my burger, revealed a soft cushion bun that fit into my hands perfectly. A patty with juices flowing out, and soft molten cheddar, large lettuce leaf and garnished with tomato, gherkins and special mayonnaise. It was arguably a pretty good tasting burger. Beef juices dripping off my fingers, it’s messy but doesn’t fall apart. Dirty Burger has a short menu, simple and great tasting.

{google_map}13 BETHNAL GREEN ROAD
E1 6LA{/google_map}

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