3 & 3 Platter

Slim Chickens LondonSlim Chicken London interior

If you been missing your fried chicken fix from KFC due to their new failed logistics partner. You should consider Slim Chickens for your fix. Coming straight out Fayetteville, Arkansas the USA company is making an attempt to conquer the UK with London being the first spot.

Located at St James street, from the corner of Selfridges, opposite Patty & Bun and Bone daddies. The newly open Slim Chickens has plenty of seats to sit in. The interior is retro style signage with red and white colours. You order the food by the counter and receive a number plate and a server will bring your food to you.

Slim Chicken London bottomless drink

The 3 & 3 plater was plenty for taster of what Slim Chickens has to offer. Three pieces of chicken tenders, and three buffalo wings shaken up in the flavour of your choice, plus fries, a Texas toast, 2 dipping sauces and bottomless drink.


Given a paper cup I was free to choose any drink from the machine as I pleased. Seeing ice tea with different flavours on the menu, I immediately picked cherry flavour lipton.

3 & 3 Platter

The platter came out in red plastic basket with Slim Chicken branded grease paper. Chicken tenders were too hot to touch, proving it was cooked fresh on order. Using tenderloin cuts the meat is and marinated in buttermilk to seal in the moisture. The chicken is breaded than deep fried.

The wings however were a bit on the cold side along with the chips. Losing the crispness, the buffalo sauce coating the wings had some heat tangy and spicy, tasting even better with some of the blue cheese dipped in.


Texas toast is a thick slice of bread grilled in garlic butter, the middle is soft along with the outer crust. If you like garlic bread, you would love the Texas toast.


I have to give credit to Slim Chickens for their house sauces, it is one of the best ones that I have tried other places lack flavour and is water down. Mango Habanero is feisty with tropical sweetness. Blue cheese is creamy and mild.


For £9.95 the 3 & 3 platter meal is great to fill you up for your moneys worth and you can drink as much as you can with the bottomless cup.




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