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Ichibun drinksThe name Ichibuns did make me laugh inside at first, a blink of an eye and you could have misread as the restaurant name as Itchy bums. It is based on the number one in Japanese one = ichi. Ichibuns is quirky fun rock and roll décor are seen throughout the three floors at Wardour Street designed by creative agency Spinach. Drawing inspiration from Hokkaido, the designs are eye-popping and what I expect from Japanese culture. Robin Leigh is the person behind Ichibuns, director of Nobu chains.

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Seated in one of the back corners we glance over the menu, sushi, gyoza, bowls of ramen, buns are the highlights on the menu. We specifically asked the server if we needed to pre-order the green tea profiteroles dessert, but she said that it wasn’t necessary. Ordering maki rolls, harumaki spring rolls, and Signature Ichibun burger includes 30 day aged wagyu beef patties, loaded with caramelised onion, melted cheese, and smothered in ICHI sauce.


We got a small selection of bites, sides and sushi to share. All served up in wacky designed paper packaging. Which I love! I guess the paper and plastic packaging saves money on paying someone to wash dishes as everywhere gets chucked away. This does add the more casual fast food vibe instead of the food on plate restaurant settings. Stand out items were the blue cheese steak spring rolls, some of the maki sushi rolls. The chicken pieces seem to on the borderline of dry and burnt looking. Portions may seem a bit on the smaller side so order a few sharing dishes.

Ichibun - ice creamWe were disappointed by the time we wanted the green tea profiteroles the server told us it was just sold out. Ending up with the ice-cream where the middle was empty. The juices made up for some of the food, lovely exotic flavours served in bubble tea style cups.

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