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LV = Liverpool Victoria invited me and a bunch of other bloggers down to The Smart School of Cookery for an Asian themed inspired cooking class.

LV is an insurance company with over five million members. As part of their love life campaign, for a healthier kick different dishes were made for people who had allergies.

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I learned there were a few people in the room who were allergic to certain foods such as needing to have gluten free products and even a seed of tomato could cause a seizure. Hearing their stories on how they deal with their allergies has been interesting. They have a lot of trouble ordering food from a restaurant, by law it’s essential for the diner to know where food has come from, and it’s the restaurant duty to provide that information.

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So the dishes that were dished up were as follows, lime and chilli cured courgettes and Asian prawns. A few of us came up to chop vegetables with chef Stu, including myself. I have been taught different methods to use your hand as guide for thickness of cut and Stu showed me another technique. All my courgettes were professionally chopped up.

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Ribbon courgettes are easily done using a peeler and all the acidic products are used first to marinate then salt last. Very different to what chef Rachel Green taught me from seasoning class a while back.

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Chicken noodle broth was great, simple Asian ingredients like fish sauce used as the salt flavouring, garlic and lime present. Chicken cooked in a separate pan poached in cold water first then added back into the broth.


The last dish, a Thai coconut curry was deliciously sweet in flavour, again fish sauce was present. Rice was cooked in an oven, in a baking sheet, giving it that crunchy texture.


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