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Purition protein powders

These last two years I’ve decided to become healthier and fitter. Joining the gym to maximise my training workouts from once to 3-4 times a week. I found HIIT, cardio, circuits, boxing really effective in losing inches and doing yoga, pilates to stretch my muscles. One thing I started to research is how to effectively recover from an intense workout class, I already pack graze snacks with me on the go. Protein is great for muscle growth and recovery. Researching natural protein powders, I came across the brand Purition 


Healthy ingredients

I am someone who looks at the back for ingredients and goes through the list if there are things I cannot even pronounce than it gets put down. A majority of protein powders on the market is just made of milk, artificial flavourings and sugar. Purition is packed with real natural wholefood ingredients, such as nuts, seeds, and a bit of sweetener. That is chopped up, grinded into powder form. Just look at the back of the packaging every single ingredient is recognisable.  


I’ve currently tested two flavours from Purition both powders were purchased at Planet Organic. Macadamia & Vanilla and chocolate, both tasting natural and filling. Purition protein powder shakes are a breeze to make. Scoop 4-5 scoops of the powder into the blender add 250ml of any milk. Blitz everything together then pour into a cup.  


The protein shake itself is thick in consistency; it blends smoothly in my smoothie maker with an exception of a few chopped nuts and chia seeds. The flavour is natural and not overbearingly sweet. It keeps me full for a good few hours and is enjoyable to drink. It is not filling enough to be a meal replacement but just adequate to refuel myself pre or post workout before my next meal. 


Where to buy?

You can purchase Purition online and see the full range of flavours or pop to Planet Organic, Boots, Whole Foods.  





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