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Jollibee first UK London opening has caused chaos, people queued for an epic 18 hours to get their hands on the famous Philippines fast food chain items. Even after a month’s buzz from Jollibee opening the queues for the place still existed around the block. The one-hour queue outside, from 2-3pm most of the items from the menu, was sold out.  

Jollibee Earls Court inside

Jollibee menu

The first London location is set in Earls Court a former Wagamama outlet. Earl’s court has a large Filipino community in the area. Jollibee branding is bright red and yellow with the bee mascot used in the logo and packaging. The music played is a constant jolly jolly joy joy song singing all about chicken joy on repeat.  

Jollibee Earls Court London inside

The food

What you can find on the menu, Chickenjoy meals, buckets of Chickenjoy, beef steaks, chicken burger, chicken tenders, yumburger, ice cream and sides. Most of the items were sold out from the menu, leaving just the Chicken Joy meals. The two-piece Chickenjoy meal with a side and drink sets you back to £4.99.  

Jollibee-UK-London-Chicken-Joy Jollibee-UK-London-Chicken-Joy

Chicken joy

Once you place your order, you move to the order collection queue. Within seconds my number was called out. Opening up the box of chicken, two pieces of the thighs was inside. A light crispy batter surrounded the chicken, ripping the chicken apart, I initially noticed there wasn’t much grease on my fingers. There wasn’t much flavour going on in the batter but Jollibee Chickenjoy is best enjoyed dipping into the creamy mushroom gravy (it’s delicious).  

Jollibee-crispy fries

The crispy fries have a special addictive seasoning, much better than just having the usual salt. With the popularity of Jollibee and long queues, I’m not sure if I go back anytime soon. However, I did enjoy the food and found the chicken to be very crispy. It is defiantly worth a visit, but try head there when it’s quieter and hope that the other items from the menu don’t run out.  



180-182 Earl’s Court Road (4.91 km) 

SW5 9QG  

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