Amongst the contemporary and fashionable part of town in Notting hill/Ladbroke grove lies a newcomer Lakwatsa of bubble/bobba tea on the scene. Lakwatsa opened its doors on the 25th of Novemeber. I was delighted to be invited to the opening preview.



Bubble tea is becoming immensely popular in London. What is bubble tea? Bubble tea is usually a tea-based mixed with fruit or syrup, they come with a soft chewy tapioca balls. Lakwatsa serves an extensive range of teas, milk and fruit variations. My favourites would defiantly be the taro and kumquat flavours. The delicious colourful teas cost only £3.40 served in glasses; extra supplements cost only an extra 50p.

bubble tea in glasses

Lawwatsa interior rather contemporary and stylish, with the swinging chairs, and bare brick walls, and a magazine shelf corner filled with Japanese fashion magazines like Vivi, and Filipino ones. You will find yourself comfortable in this relaxed lounge.


swinging chairs


Feeling peckish? Not just a place that just does bubble teas, Lakwatsa also serves merinda snacks for under £6 each. Tantalize your taste buds with far eastern snacks, such as the adobo rice balls, tiger prawn tempura, spring rolls, gyoza etc.

lumpia shanghai
chicken and mushroom gyoza
tiger prawn tempura


A must try is Lakwatsa own twist of the prawn toast, served with sweet chilli sauce.

lakwatsa prawn toast

Also on the menu are sweet snacks for your fancy, “halo halo”, a mixture of shaven ice, evaporated milk and a choice of toppings to your taste.  The leche flan and leche flan seems interesting “crème caramel” which are very popular in the Philippines.


Lakwatsa means to “chill” in Filipino and the word ‘merinda’ means snacks, light meal.

Another cool idea of Lakwatsa is their loyalty card, as someone who’s purse is overflowing with loyalty cards, Lakwatsa has a wall where you can pin your card with a instax Polaroid next to it.

photo 1
lakwatsa loyalty card

photo 2

You would certainly find me back here chilling with the Vivi magazines by the swinging chairs.

photo 3
vivi magazine

7 Blenheim Crescent, London, W11 2EE

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