Strained yoghurt seems to have taken over my fridge lately; Chobani is one of brands I have been eating lately. I’ve stop eating yoghurt brought the supermarkets for a while and swapped them for easiyo over the last two years.


Chobani has become America’s number one selling yoghurt. Their philosophy is to put nothing but good in their products.


The yoghurt is thick and creamy, and has 0% fat in each pot. What I love about these yoghurts, they add 5 live cultures, real fruit and natural sweeteners into them. Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophile. As they use an authentic straining process they offer twice the amount of protein.


You can taste the difference between this and other supermarket stocked yoghurt, the freshness, and taste.


I like to add Linwood’s super foods into my yogurt for the extra healthy benefits my current favourite flavours are apple and cinnamon, and blood orange.


Chobani is available in Tescos.

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