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I remembered long ago my first encounter with theribman was when he had a stall in Roman roads, making me sample his ribs. Wow they were something; this is even before the days I was into my food. They were simply scrumptious; the meat would fall off the bone in a beat, he mastered slow cooked ribs. I even walked home with the flavoured powders to use for my meats.

Fast forward many years later, and I had a hard time catching him in Brick Lane. I just couldn’t find his stall; either that or it was completely sold out. Not long ago I had a day off and had On’s Macaroon making class in the evening. (Another post about the class soon) I happened to go to KERB for lunch and by chance his stall was there.

I brought a roll for myself and to my astonishment I didn’t realise how big that roll was. HOLY MOLY it was the size of a small honey melon, with ripped rib meat exploding from the sides. I was given a choice of two sauces, BBQ or holy f##k, to be on the safe side I opted for BBQ sauce.

The sauce was rich, tasty, and full of flavour. The meat had similar textures to pulled pork and had that stringiness. Word of warning come with an empty stomach, I’ve seen many people surrounding me who wasn’t able to finish the sandwich. I ate everything from that box and couldn’t eat anything else for the rest of the evening.

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