There’s an on-going trend for crazy hybrid creations, and the newest craze is the dessurger.

The dessurger has been created by Eric Allanba from BRGR.CO, inspired by the non-stop demand for burgers and the cronut.


BRGR.CO, conveniently located in between Oxford street and Tottenham Court road. On the menu 5 burgers are on offer, there are also specials that you can order. My eyes were set on “the tender blend”, and some crunchy fries.



The burger arrived on a wooden tray with the salad outside the burger. Opening lifting the soft glossy brioche bun, it revealed a 6oz beef patty with great marbling.

the tender blend
the tender blend

The burger was perfect to pick up without collapsing. The meat was flavoursome, and the tiny pieces of Danish blue cheese happened to make it a match in heaven. The crunchy chips, tasted standard nothing to shout about.

IMG_3466 IMG_3465 IMG_3464

Next up the dessurger


It was a huge surprised when it arrived, I didn’t expect the portion to be so huge, my initial thoughts inside my head was “how on earth do I eat that?” With one half of the sugar coated, lava of lemon posset custard reach all around the edges of the bun. Chantilly cream, neatly place in a circle, the blackberry jam erupted from the middle and pistachio the nuts sprinkle on top.


I had to use 2 spoons to tackle the dessurger, the buns were fluffy with just the right sweetness. As soon as I tried to cut a piece of the brioche bun, the cream and custard started to slide off. The Chantilly cream deliciously thick, and complimented the zing from lemon posset custard well. I failed to pick up the pistachio praline flavour. Overall it, it’s a good dessert, defiantly one to share between two people.

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