The Pudding Bar tasting menu

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It rose from nowhere, a place dedicated to all the happy endings in the form of desserts. The Pudding Bar landing in Greek Street downtown Soho. A temporary pop up until next year January 2015, serving only puddings, a selection of twinings tea, dessert wines, champagne and spirits.

The Pudding Bar tasting menu

The desserts start from £6, a tasting menu to get the full Pudding Bar experience is a must for after 6pm. Otherwise, there’s the afternoon tea selection. From the tasting menu you get to sample all the stuff except for apple and maple syrup baked Alaska, as it doesn’t come in a miniature form.

The Pudding Bar

A big white plate of goodies arrived and our eyes grew bigger. Even though everything was all on one plate, they were still expertly well presented.

The Pudding Bar

The very first bite of a perfectly moulded mousse like milk chocolate happened to be the best out of the lot. A circular mould of chocolate with a fluffy marshmallow browned off from being flame torched. This was the S’more cheesecake.


The jingly lavender looking one in the middle of the plate, surrounded by blackberries and pieces of honeycomb, was the newly added blackberry pana cotta. It had a good wobble and was set perfectly without being too hard.


Small bite size pieces of blocks of blondies and brownies, piped with cream, drizzled with white and chocolate sauce was fabulous. Brownies were moist and the outer layer didn’t seem chalky.


Banoffee delight, seemed a lot different to the traditional ones I’m used to seeing, banana and caramel mousse with shortbread base. You can detect the banana flavour instantly.


The last of the lot was the lemon polenta, a gritty, soggy sponge flat cake that crumbled as soon as your fork makes contact. Gentle flavours of vanilla, and lemon with toasted pistachios and crème fraiche.


Overall I enjoyed The Pudding Bar, and wish them success in finding a permanent spot in the area. Hurry! Go try the pop whilst you can!
26 Greek St London, UK W1D

{google_map}26 Greek St London, UK W1D{/google_map}

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