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Malaysia Night 2014

Every year I try to attend Malaysia Night festival, this year Malaysia kitchen invited me down to hang out in the VIP section. Where I got to sample delish goodies from Pan Chai and food stalls. Funnily enough I was around Harrods earlier and passed Pan Chai in the food hall. Their non-alcoholic cocktail juices were bright, colourful and tasted exotic. I think I had at least 5-6 cups of the stuff.

Pan Chai Pan Chai

It’s the fifth year since it’s been running and it was another successful night.

IMG_4920 Roti King

Trafalgar Square transforms into a lively place, filled with scrumptious Malaysia food from restaurants all over London. My favourites have to be Uncle Lim’s and Roti King. The hanan chicken, rice, and roti are to die for. I loved going around the stalls and talking to the owners who are so passionate about their dishes.

guan IMG_4912

In VIP, I managed to hang out with Guan from “the boy who ate the world”, Ping Master chef Ping Coombes etc. Chef Norman Musa gave cooking demos in one of the areas of Trafalgar Square, and four product markets were open selling Malaysia stuff to take home.

pan chai food

Malaysia night 2014

Malaysia Night 2014 IMG_4974 IMG_4945 IMG_4924

As the night progress, the stage came alive with cultural performances with dancing and singing. I couldn’t leave the night without some the tarik and chicken skewers.


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