Black Farmer raised without antobiotics pork rangeWilfred Emmanuel-Jones is the man behind the company The Black Farmer. He has worked on television shows. Owning a farm in Devon, he set up The Black Farmer to create food that was gluten-free, organic and free-range and plenty of award-winning products. They are RSPCA Assured and can be traced back to Devon farm. 

Black Farmer pork medllionsI have been sent the pork raised without antibiotics to review. Sold in major supermarkets and exclusively online to Ocado. The Black Farmer has worked closely with partner farms and the selection of fresh British pork cuts can be identified with the antibiotic-free swing tag. Pigs raised are free to roam outside. Without the use of antibiotics and letting them be fed on vegetarian feed. There’s been news about British supermarket chickens with levels of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.  

Black Farmer belly slicesI’ve managed to use two of the products for cooking and found the pork absorbs the marinade very well. Pork is such a versatile meat that works with many flavours and ingredient combinations.  

Black-Farmer-pork-lionI usually have difficulty getting pork steaks to soak in the flavours I marinade and when cooked too tough. The Black farmer pork shoulder comes packaged in two’s. Bright fleshy pink bouncy meat. Following Jeremy Pang recipe from Hong Kong Diner book. I made a holiday favourite from last year Macau pork chop buns. I had to work with steaks instead of pork loin but they turned out well.  

Black-Farmer-pork-loin-friedThe Black Farmer pork steak infused all the flavours I concocted in the tub left overnight. I took it out and threw it in a hot pan over medium heat to cook on both sides for 8 minutes. The meat browned up and turned crisp on the outside. The meat could easily be cut with a butter knife, cooked tender and still moist inside.  

Black-Farmer-pork-loin-friedBlack-Farmer-pork-loin-friedThe second dish I cooked up was caramelised pork belly, left to marinate overnight, the caramelised sugar didn’t quite go so well. The sugar failed to caramelised but I still carried on with the recipe and added the coconut milk to the mix. Sauce creamy and pungent from the fish sauce the belly pork pieces married up well.  

Black-farmer-belly-porkIf you are interested in purchasing The Black Farmer products check out the website, it is available at OcadoMorrisons, and online. 


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