Day 2 大師傅粥品 | Macau trip

大師傅粥品 (chef congee) G/F, 69 Ivy Street, Tai Kok Tsui

Became one of the favourite places for our morning breakfast fix. Opening from 6 am-midnight it specialises in Asian favourite congee/rice porridge. The menu is extensive with many flavour combinations you can think of and go from only ($17-40) £2-4 a pop. Each bowl needs two hands to lift and the silky smooth porridge with a layer of thick soup-like broth. Each spoonful of the mushy goes down the throat nicely and refreshes your palette. It’s a simple staple that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Another must have are the freshly made rice rolls our favourite is the shrimp one $16 £1.60.


Moving on to our day, we decided on going Macau that very morning since the weather for the week was being unpredictable it showed showers for most of days we had left of the trip. Getting to Macau by turbo jet is only 1 hour away from Hong Kong. Let me just remind you to bring your passport. As when we got to the ferry and purchased our tickets ready to board we realise there was border control and had to run back to the hotel to get our passports. I need to note that there are a lot of taxi scams in Hong Kong and the taxi outside the ferry terminal did not put her meter on and asked for quite of bit of money for the short journey. Even when we showed her the address of our hotel she took us to the wrong direction. We had our tickets adjusted and made it back to the ferry on time to board to Macau. Since we arrived late and planned it last minute we only had a few hours to spare.

Getting lost looking for ruins of St Pauls we realised we could have just got off the bus to Senado square to see it. The Square is filled with shops selling, beef jerky, Portuguese tarts and other goodies. We found an offbeat road and had a fantastic Portuguese pork bun.

The great thing about Macau you can use Hong Kong dollars to spend and take advantage of the free shuttle buses from the hotel to the ferry terminal or the flat fare rate of $3.20. As it turned into night we tried to get into one casino but was refused entry because of the dress code of wearing short sleeves. Other points of interest in Macau the Venetian, Macau Tower bungee jump.





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