Fuwa Fuwa Japanese souffle pancakes berries

Fuwafuwa London

Fuwa-Fuwa (ふわふわ) is the Japanese word for saying something is fluffy, airy and soft. As with other Asian cakes, I adore the light airiness to them over cakes here in the UK.

Fuwafuwa Japanese soufflé pancakes

How exciting is it to see Fuwafuwa London open up from nowhere.

Fuwafuwa London has landed in the UK, being the first to serve up Japanese soufflé pancakes. Fuwafuwa London has opened up a pop-up shop in Westfield Stratford. They DM last month to try to visit them at Westfield. The preview photos on their Instagram are drool-worthy. Be warned each order is whipped fresh in a kitchen aid, grilled, steamed then finished off with toppings of your choice.

Made to order

Fuwa Fuwa Japanese making

Costing £7 it is on the pricier side for a double stack but is worth trying out. Three flavours were on the menu; I opted for summer fruits in favour of the sweeter stuff.


Judging from the mixer I could tell that egg whites are used in the pancake mix. Mixed until it has stiff peaks. That is transferred to the hot plate, then covered and flipped over.

From observation 4 orders are cooked at a time, waiting times are long. Waiting for my order number to be finally called. I picked my plate from the counter taking it back to my table. Pancakes wobbled and jiggled but kept it shaped. Fresh cream starting to turn into liquid. Sliced bananas, blueberries and strawberries are scattered on the whipped cream. Bubbles foam around the thick double pancake stack. Dusted off with powdered sugar and lashings of sweet maple syrup.

Fuwa Fuwa Japanese souffle pancakes berries

Fuwafuwa London souffle Japanese pancakes

The knife cuts through the pancakes with ease, it bounces off. Very fluffy and airy. It is quite eggy in flavour, but the maple syrup and powdered sugar help masks it off. Paired with the fruits it is a very light dessert to be enjoyed at any time of the day.


Fuwafuwa cafe has a new permanent home now located at Unit 8, Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1AE

fuwa fuwa London review


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