Bubblewrap waffle London shop

Bubblewrap London shop

Egg waffles have first appeared on Hong Kong streets since the early 1950’s. Spherical egg shape folded into a paper cone, biting into crispy airy egg batter. Endless streets would be filled with stalls, I am so glad that places have started to open in London. Instead of the plain original egg waffles, they are filled with various fillings from sweet to savoury ingredients. Bubblewrap waffle London has caused a stir, you can’t get away with Instagram shots of the wrap and Chinatown gates in the background. 


Bubblewrap London has only one location in Chinatown, next door to ichibuns a doorway always filled with queues of people all year round wanting a taste of the goodness. My friend and I got lucky one afternoon, hardly anyone in front of us. Glancing over the menu by the shop front I knew I wanted the deluxe lover. These waffle wraps don’t come cheap compared to HK £2 prices, you be paying £7 a waffle. 

Bubblewrap staff

As you queue you can see staff at the back of the shop rapidly making endless waffles in the egg shape waffle makers using a stand to shape them in a cone ready to be filled by the order.  


The waffles

The good thing is, the bubblewrap is a big portion and is filled to the rims and is beautifully presented for that perfect money shot. The actual egg waffle is warm, biting to crispy air. A hint of vanilla hits the nose straight away, a scent that reminds me of Chinese bakeries. Two scoops of vanilla ice cream, slices of strawberries and melted Nutella chocolate is filled in my deluxe love waffle.  

Bubblewrap London is worth the queues, one of the better egg waffles I have tried in London. A meal in itself.



Bubble bubble wrap @bubblewraplondon so airy and crispy nom

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Information and location

24 Wardour Street 

London Chinatown 

W1D 6QJ 



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