Bubble tea shops has been popping up from nowhere in the past few years. Bubbleology just opened its doors today, what makes this shop different to the others?
Well you get the authentic Taiwanese bubble tea experience. Greeted by the lovely shop assistants in lab coats you have a black chalkboard of the menu for milk or flavoured teas. I’m a diehard HK or Taiwanese milk tea lover. I got a free tea with daily candy. 🙂

The tea is freshly brewed on premises and believe me you can taste the difference in the flavour. Many bubble tea shops use powdered tea and you loose the black tea taste. A Bubbleology brew from tea leafs. The tea is sweetened with fructose and not honey as I first thought. My next bubble tea would be the taro and fruit flavours!


  • 49 Rupert St
  • Soho
  • London
  • W1D 7PF

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