Snog has expanded since I first visited the Soho branch, I have been to the one in Soho, Convent Garden and Westfield. The interior inside is cute and inviting with hot pink, I’m in love with the font choice. Prefect advertising.

I have tried all the flavours Natural, Chocolate, green tea and the new blueberry. Right now blueberry is the flavour I love, for a “snog special”
£4.95 you get a 210g of Fro-yo (shorten and the trendy way of calling frozen yoghurt) and 3 toppings. What’s great about the machines you can mix and match 2 flavours in one pot.

how can something that taste so good be “FAT FREE”? Snog is made of milk and agave nectar.

Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

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