Now Qantas economy class long haul flights shouldn’t sacrifice service and quality. Which brings Qantas airlines to completely revamp their economy class in flight meals? Portions are 50% bigger, more to chose from and pre-ordering on Q-Eat to make life easier.

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I enjoy ripping off the foil from my inflight tray box; it’s part of the flying away experience. There are 3 main meal choices, the comfort food i.e, pasta, for the health conscious the salads and a meal inspired by the destination. There’s also the vegetarian option.

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Pre-ordering with Q- Eat means you can be guaranteed the meal you want, other new dishes to look out for in the future, smoky barbeque beef, honey roasted chicken faro, and many more.

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Qantas airlines invited me down to their headquarters in London for stimulated in-flight dining experience. The headquarters is where the flight attendants train to deliver excellent customer service, learn health and safety and serve people.

We all got our plane tickets to board the London to Dubai mock flight. Once checked in and seated we had our welcome drink from Bickford an Australian brand, a delicious light flavoured refreshment of pomegranate and blueberry.

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A little genius product was served, a bread roll, already piped with warm butter, instead of fiddling around in tight spaces, Qantas finds a way to ease the stress.

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For my main meal, I choose the salmon, roast potatoes and cream sauce. I was particular fond of the roast potatoes it really does tasted like it was oven baked fresh. As you can see from my photos the salmon piece was huge, filling me up within minutes. As an extra, I wanted to try the comfort food option and shared the pasta with another person. Pasta still had a good bite. The difficulty of in-flight food is, it’s hard to taste food up high in the air. A lot more salt is needed to be bringing out the flavour in the meals. The highlight for me was the passion fruit mousse from Didier’s patisserie.

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On board snacks had a great selection, cheese and crackers, pizza subs and chocolate bars. Overall I’m impressed by Qantas fantastic hospitality and company brand overall. I previously booked flights for my dad to Australia and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

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