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I remember the day I visited Casa Milà, during the day than chilled at the rooftop poolside bar at la terraza del Claris drinking cocktails in the scorching sun. As the evening darkened rain started to fall, the night dinner mission was Tapas 24. A recommendation by Chef Omar Allibhoy.

As soon as we arrived at Tapas 24 the queues started to get busy a lot of people were in front of us. We finally got seats outside, but the rain started to chuck down heavily.

The roof umbrella almost started to rip from all the rainfall collected on the side, even when the staff emptied it. It was risky to stay outside. The staff made sure we got seats and kudos to them for being that extra nice. What seemed like eternity we got our tables. I liked the informal casual settings sitting up on high stools with a direct view of the kitchen. Chefs in their white uniform with Tapas 24 font and logos, and checking the orders on the magnetic board.

tapas_24_3 tapas_24_5 tapas_24

The menu is downright simple, with very few dishes, as always with tapas small plates it’s best to order a bundle to share amongst your friends. I got my usual ham croquets, patatas bravas, Spanish omelette, and went a bit daring and got some rabbit.


Food came out fast in no time, cooked very well. Thin bones, with barely any meat piled up was the rabbit dish, I sucked out the meat and left the bone dry.


The spicy meatball didn’t look as I expected, big round ball in a breadcrumb with two blobs of sauce on top and didn’t even taste spicy at all.


Patatas bravas, had a great fluffiness to it, I couldn’t even tell it was deep-fried. The long trail of grilled lamb meat came in bite size pieces.

tapas_24_7 tapas_24_9

Tapas 24 were great, a busy place that attracts all kinds of people, service is fantastic, food wise I found places in London tasting better, but I do recommend it to everyone.

Sagrada_Família IMG_3047 IMG_2858 IMG_2830 font magica barcelona Boqueria_market

Calle diputación, 269, Barcelona, Espana, T: 934880977

{google_map}Carrer de la Diputació, 269, 08007 Barcelona, Spain{/google_map}

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